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internet-benefitsYou’re in Gig Country! FTC High-Speed Broadband Internet offers extreme speed for downloading full-length movies and increasing your gaming experience through our fiber network. Great speed for browsing, email, downloading music, photos & more. Gig Internet is 100 times faster than standard broadband. Now that’s fast!

Plans start with Download Speeds up to 100 MB / Uploads Speeds up to 100 MB

5 E-mail addresses

Password Protected WiFi Network


All Broadband Internet Plans

Price (per month)$70.00$90.00
Download Speedsup to 100 Mb**up to 1 Gig**
Upload Speedsup to 100 Mb**up to 1 Gig**

Let FTC be your local high-speed Internet service provider!

*Telephone line and charges apply in addition to these packages.

24/7 Internet Technical Support – 866-698-0926

FTC’s High-Speed Broadband service includes the modem**, Internet access, and up to five (5) e-mail addresses. The High-Speed Broadband price does not include local telephone service. High-Speed Broadband service may not be shared by multi-residence, multi-business, or by a residence and a business not part of the same household. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in the loss of the High-Speed Broadband service and may produce civil penalties as well.

* Service initialization includes an engineering evaluation to verify proper operation, preparation, and testing of the telephone cable pair, as well as, connection and administration at the serving Central Office for each High-Speed Broadband user’s service. Geographical limitations in certain areas may prevent availability of the High-Speed Broadband service. FTC Internet Services will not offer the service in these areas until such requirements are met to allow proper operation of the High-Speed Broadband service. If a High-Speed Broadband customer moves to a new location, the same procedures and charges will be applied again. If a customer’s High-Speed Broadband service is terminated due to non-payment, a restoration charge must be paid to restore the service.

If at any time the customer suspects that a problem exists in FTC Internet Services maintained portion of the network, the customer may request a line test. The decision of whether or not to apply a service charge will be determined by the existing regulations approved by the Alabama Public Service Commission governing Customer Owned Equipment.

** The High-Speed Broadband modem furnished by FTC Internet Services will remain the property of FTC Internet Services. Upon termination of service, if the customer fails to return the High-Speed Broadband modem, the customer will be charged $100.