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Long Distance 2017-06-14T16:19:22+00:00


Unlimited Nationwide Calling

$4281per month

FreedomConnect Deluxe

Unlimited Nationwide Calling

Voice Mail Basic, plus Unlimited Calling Features

$5381per month

Basic Long Distance

No monthly charge

13¢per minute

Toll Free / 800 Services

14¢per minute

One-time $5.00 set-up charge

FTC Long Distance will assign you your own 800 number, which you can give out to whomever you choose.

* FTC’s Unlimited Long Distance Service is available to Residential customers only and is provided subject to FTC’s Standard Terms and Conditions and FTC’s Price List (subject to any advertised discount).* Unlimited Long Distance Service, whether purchased alone or as part of an FTC Bundle, is for typical domestic voice use only. It does not include 900 calls, 800 services, Calling card calls, International calls, Directory Assistance, Operator Assistance, multi-line conference calls, chat services, or data services – standard rates apply for these services. All long distance calling areas are limited to the 48 continental United States plus Alaska, Hawaii, and select U.S. Territories. Long distance is not intended for use to connect to Internet service providers, data providers, or information services. Commercial facsimile, auto-redialing, resale, telemarketing, and general business use are strictly prohibited. While FTC does not apply arbitrary limits on typical long distance usage per month, should FTC determine, in its sole discretion, that usage is not consistent with typical Residential voice usage patterns and is abusive of the Service, FTC reserves the right, after giving notice of its intent, to immediately suspend, restrict or terminate the long distance service, or to bill future excessive usage charges at the per minute rate included in the FTC Price List, without further notice. FTC reserves the right to block permanent Call Forwarding in connection with the use of Unlimited Long Distance Service. Customers must subscribe to FTC Long Distance. All rates are subject to change. FTC reserves the right to eliminate its Unlimited Long Distance Service offering or any FTC Bundle that includes Unlimited Long Distance Service at any time upon appropriate notice to all customers subscribing to the Service or Bundle, consistent with then existing Alabama law and the rules and regulations of the Alabama Public Service Commission. Additional requirements and restrictions may apply. The rate for Unlimited Long Distance Service does not include applicable taxes and fees.