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Repair 2017-06-14T15:49:21+00:00

PC Tune UP

(at FTC Rainsville Only)

We’ll boost the speed and performance of your PC by removing trial ware, adjusting key settings that may be slowing it down, and disk defragmentation and cleanup. PC Tune up also includes removal of dust and dirt buildup.


New Computer Start Up

• Inspect your new computer to make sure all external parts are intact

• Power up and ensure all hardware is operating properly

• Review display of desktop and set time and date


PC Set Up*

Get your computer off to a great start! Let us install security software and remove unwanted programs that will slow down your PC performance.



Check hardware and perform system analysis to identify any hardware failures or conflicts. Complete a software analysis to identify any software related issues. Note: Hardware repairs based on the diagnosis will require additional fees.


Virus/Spyware/Adware Removal*

Obtain a brief description of the symptoms. Boot PC and ensure that the Windows OS can fully load. Ascertain the presence/status of antivirus software. Install approved removal applications, if necessary. Run system and disk cleaner, registry cleaner, start up manager and auto run (if applicable). The operating system must be Windows XP or newer. Bootable rescue and recovery CDs should be on-hand.


System Restore*

System restore on one PC. Restore CDs must be provided or the restore data must be partitioned on the hard drive. All information on PC should be backed up prior to bringing PC in for repair and have the certificate of authenticity or verification key (provided with every version of Windows) on hand.


Data Transfer of Data Backup*

Transfer up to 10GB from one PC to another PC, external drive, CD/DVD drive, USB device, external media (provided by the customer), or online source (provided by the customer).



Install specified software on one PC. Reboot the PC if necessary and test the software for successful installation.


Ram Memory*

Install memory upgrade and test the system to assure memory is recognized.



Install drivers as necessary for the expansion card/drive operation. Power up and verify PC is operational, verify dial tone (for modem installs).


Hard Drive*

Open PC, install new hard drive and close the PC. Install any software required to make the hard drive operational (excludes OS install or data migration). Power up the PC verifying PC is operational.


Operating System*

Install full or upgrade version of operation system software on one PC. Operating system CDs must be the original copy and along with system CDs or DVDs. It is recommended that before performing an install on any operating system, that customers have all their information backed up.)


We offer Pick up and Delivery Service for an additional $75.

Does not include price of software and/or needed parts.