FTC Bundles

FTC Bundles

The key to saving… is bundling! Choose the perfect combination of services for you – including voice and high-speed broadband internet. Get the services you need at the prices you want.
FTC Internet

FTC Internet + WiFi

Are you looking for the BEST.INTERNET.EVER? Well, look no more! FTC offers a variety of speeds and prices, with a reliable and secure connection. No matter how you use the internet—streaming movies, downloading music, or just browsing—we have the perfect plan to fit your needs.
FTC Internet
FTC Phone

FTC Voice

Tired of a poor connection? We thought so, that’s why FTC offers you a variety of convenient and reliable landline voice services with FREE system wide calling. We are committed to bringing you the best experience in communications.
FTC Phone
FTC Security

FTC Security & Home Automation

Keep safe and secure with our affordable security solutions that offer 24/7 monitoring. Add automation features to control things like your A/C, doors, and locks from any device, even when you’re not there. Get a free quote today!

It’s Fiber and It’s Fast

FTC’s World-Class Fiber Network is here! Providing you with the most robust broadband technology available today. With download speeds up to 1000 times faster than Broadband DSL, Fiber-To-Home Broadband utilizes fiber optic cables to transmit data using light signals: providing you with the capability to download, stream, and communicate at the speed of light.
FTC’s fiber network offers customers access to some of the fastest Internet speeds in the country, including gigabit access in many areas. FTC was the first provider in North Alabama to provide GIG Internet services, which is 1,000 Mbps. Yes that’s right small-town rural north Alabama cities and towns became GIG Country and Gig Certified before cities like Birmingham, Huntsville, and Montgomery.  Fiber positions the region to attract new jobs, support economic growth, increase access to telemedicine, and introduce improved opportunities in education. FTC is working to expand availability based on your need for lightning speed.