Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative Board of Trustees

  • Wright
  • Randy Wright
    (Flat Rock)
  • Greg Griffith
  • Gregg Griffith
  • Smith
  • Gary Smith
    Vice President
  • Gilbert
  • Kenneth Gilbert
  • Richey
  • Danny R. Richey
  • Tumlin
  • Randy Tumlin
  • Lynn Weldon
  • Lynn Welden
  • Fred Johnson
    Executive Vice President and General Manager

President’s Message

Membership in a telephone cooperative is a valuable resource for you and your family or business. Since the early 1950s, Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative has brought service — first, basic telephone service, and now, the most advanced telecommunications technologies available — to our rural communities … to the very places that the “big” companies chose not to serve. FTC made that commitment in order to improve the lives of the people who choose to live and raise their families here, in our “less populated” area. Our commitment to our members is no less strong today than it was the day we incorporated, because the cooperative’s role is even more important to the economic, social, and educational well-being of our community. More than ever, it’s vital that “we keep you connected.”

As a cooperative member, you have the assurance that local people in local offices are dedicated to meeting all your telecom needs with an array of services at the best value possible. And, when measured by quality, timeliness, and personal attention, you will find FTC’s service to be superior to its competition.

Our Mission Statement defines our pledge to you, our members. Our record of service demonstrates it in action.

Randy Wright