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Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative, Inc. was founded in 1952 by innovative pioneering citizens who embraced the cooperative ownership model as a means of providing themselves with reliable telephone service in an area that investor-owned companies refused to serve.

Today, in an era of modern telecommunications, FTC builds upon that proud tradition of self-reliance and retains the principle of providing the best in service to its members as its one and only objective. By acting in their collective best interest, we believe that we will ultimately enrich the quality of life and/or the business experience for all.

Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative will strive to meet its objective by being, in the areas we serve, the premier provider of reliable, high-quality telecommunications and telecommunications-related services to our members and, where appropriate, to other patrons on behalf of the membership. FTC will provide its services in such a manner and at such a price that the products and services so provided will represent the best value attainable by our members.

In fulfilling our mission, Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative shall operate with due regard to the general welfare and safety of those with whom we interact. These consist primarily of:

Our members and their communities;
Our employees and their families; and,
Our vendors, business partners, suppliers, and, regulators
The principle values of honesty, integrity, and fairness shall be paramount and shall guide the actions of this cooperative. On these fundamental values, there shall be no compromise. We expect the same from all those who choose to do business with us.