Staff Directory

Phone: 256-638-2144 (611, within the FTC calling area)
Fax: 256-638-4830
TDD: 256-638-6616



Fred Johnson EVP & General Manager 2017
Chris Bryant Assistant General Manager 2040
Rebecca Mayo Barksdale Senior Administrative Assistant 2078

Accounting, Finance, & Information Systems

Tyler Pair Manager, Corporate Administration & Internal Audit 2010
Paul Higdon Chief Financial Officer 2028
Kristie Bailey Personnel Services Supervisor 2022

Customer Service and Support

Goodrich “Dus” Rogers Manager of Business Development and Customer Service 2002
Marlon Williamson Supervisor of Sales Engineering and Business Services 2075
Anna Feemster Customer Service Supervisor 2076


Brandi Lyles Manager of Marketing and Public Relations 2021
Kim Williams Community Relations Representative 2119
Taylor Richards Marketing Assistant/Digital Marketing Coordinator 2018

Network Management

Charles Austin Manager of Networking Engineering and Operations 2003
Jeff Pitts Senior Network Engineer 2154
Labron Turner Supervisor of Network Operations and Support 2008

Operations and Engineering

Jason Traylor Senior Operations Supervisor 2060
Shane Trotman Senior Operations Supervisor 2096
Shane Stiefel Installation and Repair Supervisor 2102
Tony Newsome Fleet and Facility Supervisor 2005
William Cofield Construction Foreman 2051
Deron “Bubba” Johnson Cable Foreman 2101