To our FTCtv customers:

Thank you for being a loyal customer of FTC and loving our FTCtv service. We are saddened that the end is coming for FTCtv in a short 30 days. It has been quite refreshing to hear from customers who have truly loved our service but are also completely understanding of our decision. For that, we are thankful.

FTC is fully aware that discontinuing our TV service during the present COVID-19 is likely to cause further stress for some of our customers.  We are very sorry for that but please know that this is not merely our choice.  The technical and legal matters that led to our decision to turn down this service extend beyond our ability to control them.  Continuing the service beyond 30 April is no longer practical even if we wanted to.  Fortunately, our broadband internet access capability will allow you to subscribe to services that include the news stations upon which you depend.  This is the best way we can serve you even in these difficult times and that is where we have focused our efforts.

We are hopeful that you have made a decision on what television service you will be changing to. If not, we urge you to go ahead and make those arrangements as soon as possible to ensure that you do not experience an interruption in television service. We are happy to assist you with any questions you may have about your options.

FTC is pleased to be partnering with Cabletime, a premier DISH retailer. Cabletime has a special offer code, FTC100, for FTCtv customers and will honor any special offer that you may have received in the mail. You may contact Cabletime at 256-638-3474 or visit their business office at 89 Trinity Lane, Rainsville, AL.

We have created a webpage dedicated to helping you learn more about the many streaming options available that work great with our broadband Internet service. To learn more about streaming please visit

Please be reminded that you may dispose of your set-top boxes. You may also take them to the Recycling Center in Fort Payne if you so choose.

If you do not cancel your FTCtv service before April 30, your service plan will be changed to the plan that matches the voice and Internet plan you currently subscribe to, eliminating your FTCtv service.  You will receive your final FTCtv charges on your April 1 bill. Enclosed are details on our current service offerings. Please contact our business office at 866-638-2144, if you would like to update your service plan.

Please mark your calendars that FTCtv will no longer be available effective at midnight on April 30, 2020. 

Thank you for your loyalty and commitment to FTC!


J. Frederick Johnson
Chief Executive Officer