To our FTCtv customers:

Please be reminded that FTCtv will no longer be available effective at midnight on April 30, 2020. The turndown date is a short SEVEN WEEKS away. It is our goal to keep you informed of your options and to assist in transitioning you to a television service that will meet your needs.

FTC is pleased to be partnering with Cabletime, a premier DISH retailer. In fact, Cabletime won the 2019 DISH Local Retailer of the Year, which is the highest award among all DISH retailers across the country. Cabletime has a special offer code, FTC100, for FTCtv customers. FTC’s broadband network enhances the video experience on DISH’s award-winning Hopper platform to provide the best video solution. Be sure to bring in this letter or mention code, FTC100, to take advantage of the special offer. DISH provides a 2-year price guarantee and a $100 gift card for FTCtv customers. Did you receive a better DISH offer in the mail? Don’t worry, Cabletime will honor any corporate offer you receive while still providing local customer service.

For the month of March, three lucky FTCtv customers that sign up for DISH Network with Cabletime will win Smarthome gadgets that will enhance a Smarthome experience. It’s important to schedule an installation appointment as soon as possible to ensure that you do not have an interruption in television service. If you plan to transition to DISH and wait until closer to the turndown date, you could experience a delay in installation due to the high volume of installation orders.

You may contact Cabletime at 256-638-3474 to learn more about their special offer along with the March Smarthome give away and to get assistance in finding the best solution to meet your video needs. You may also visit their business office at 89 Trinity Lane, Rainsville, AL and learn more about their offerings at With Cabletime, you get local customer service and a local business office.

Many customers are already taking advantage of our high-speed broadband network and subscribing to numerous streaming services that are available at much cheaper rates than a traditional television service like FTCtv. There are many streaming options available to meet your needs. It’s important that you research and determine what service option works best for you. We have developed some helpful worksheets and created a webpage with helpful links about the most common streaming services. You may access this information at

We are working hard to make sure this transition will be a great experience for our customers. Thank you for your loyalty and commitment to FTC!

J. Frederick Johnson
Chief Executive Officer