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FTCtv Notification

2018-08-28T17:19:23+00:00August 28th, 2018|Message Board, TV Messages|

Fusion, channel 198 and 1198, will no longer be available on FTCtv after August 31, 2018. This channel is now owned by a different programmer and our content provider does not have the rights to broadcast this channel. Hallmark Drama has been added to FTCtv on channel 144. Hallmark Drama's programming evokes the rich legacy [...]

Important Information about Your FTCtv Service

2018-02-01T21:27:06+00:00February 1st, 2018|TV Messages|

FTC cares enough about you as a customer to tell you the truth even when the truth is quite unpleasant.  This will likely be one of those times.  The business of providing television service is very tough and we’ve had to make a number of difficult decisions that will significantly impact our channel lineup.  [...]

Local TV Broadcast Negotiations

2018-01-04T15:46:54+00:00December 27th, 2017|TV Messages|

FTC was successful in negotiating acceptable terms with six of the eight local TV broadcast stations to continue broadcasting their signal on FTCtv. Those include ABC-WAAY Huntsville (Channel 31), CBS-WHNT Huntsville (Channels 18, 19 and 20), CW-WHDF Huntsville (Channel 15), NBC-WAFF Huntsville (Channels 48, 49 and 50), CBS-WDEF Chattanooga (Channel 12) and NBC WRCB-Chattanooga (Channel [...]

Attention FTC Customers

2017-10-12T02:40:09+00:00October 12th, 2017|Internet Messages|

This is a friendly reminder that FTC updated its customer notification process and the new customer acknowledgment portal for copyright infringement on, July 17, 2017. For additional information, please visit to download a copy of FTC’s Acceptable Use Policy, Standard Terms and Conditions and Digital Millennium Copyright Act Policy.