Convenient, quality service with FREE system-wide calling.

Home Voice

These low monthly fees get you a reliable, quality connection to the local telephone network delivered in an efficient and cost-effective manner by your neighbors and friends at FTC.

Local Voice Service

$2035per month

Unlimited FTC system-wide calling is included:

  • 451 – Pisgah/Rosalie
  • 597 – Bryant/Higdon
  • 623 – Fyffe
  • 632 – Flat Rock/Ider/Cartersville
  • 638 – Rainsville/ Powell/Sylvania
  • 657 – Henagar/Ider
  • 659 – Geraldine/Grove Oak

* Basic rate does not include federal and state surcharges, fees, and applicable taxes
* New accounts are subject to installation charges
* FTC provides access to operator services, telecommunications relay service (TRS), and other emergency and special assistance services

Long Distance

Choose one of our FreedomConnect Plans to add Unlimited Long Distance!


$5166per month

FreedomConnect Deluxe

$6266per month

Basic Long Distance

13¢per minute

Toll Free / 800 Services

14¢per minute

FTC’s Unlimited Long Distance Service and Unlimited Incoming Calling is available to Residential customers only and is provided subject to FTC’s Standard Terms and Conditions and FTC’s Price List (subject to any advertised discount). These documents can be found at www.farmerstel.com/legal. Unlimited Long Distance Service, whether purchased alone or as part of an FTC Bundle, is for typical domestic voice use only.  It does not include 900 calls, 800 services, Calling card calls, International calls, Directory Assistance, Operator Assistance, multi-line conference calls, chat services, or data services – standard rates apply for these services. All long distance calling areas are limited to the 48 continental United States plus Alaska, Hawaii, and select U.S. Territories. Long Distance is not intended for use to connect to Internet service providers, data providers, or information services. Commercial facsimile, auto-redialing, resale, telemarketing, and general business use are strictly prohibited. While FTC does not apply arbitrary limits on long distance usage each month, should FTC determine, in its sole discretion, that the usage of a particular customer is not consistent with typical Residential voice usage patterns and is abusive of the Service, FTC reserves the right to discontinue offering Unlimited Long Distance Service after giving the customer notice of such intent at least thirty days before discontinuing the service, subject to applicable rules of the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) or the Alabama Public Service Commission. Additional requirements and restrictions may apply.

Inside Wire Maintenance

Inside wire maintenance protects your telephone service if you experience problems. For a very small monthly fee, FTC’s wire maintenance can help avoid costly and unnecessary repair charges.

Inside Wire Maintenance

$500per month

FTC maintains all outside telephone cables and wires from the central office (our equipment) to your home or business. If your telephone does not work due to a problem in our outside wire or equipment, we will repair and restore the service at no charge.

Customers who do not have inside wire maintenance, however, and who experience problems caused by their inside wiring, customer premise, or customer-owned equipment (i.e., phones, fax machines, etc.) will be charged standard service fees for a technician to assess and diagnose the problem. Additional wiring charges will also apply to repair or replace the existing wiring.

Customers without wire maintenance protection are responsible for the following charges:

Trouble assessment fees: Residential $50

Tip: Customers should check their telephone if they experience problems. You may want to test the line by seeing if other phones in the house work, or by plugging a different phone into the line with trouble to see if it works. (This will give you an indication of whether the problem is your telephone, a specific jack, all the lines in your house, etc., and can help us isolate and pinpoint service problems.)

For additional information about wire maintenance protection, please call our office at 256-638-2144.

Lifeline Assistance

Lifeline Assistance is a government assistance program that provides a monthly credit to the local telephone service bill of residential customers. Lifeline Assistance is designed to make basic home telephone service and broadband Internet access service (minimum speed of 20 Mbps downstream/3 Mbps upstream, with monthly usage allowance of 1024 Gigabytes) even more affordable for qualified customers. If you qualify for Lifeline Assistance, Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative will discount your charge for local voice only telephone service by $5.25, stand-alone broadband Internet access service or broadband internet access service as part of a bundled package by $9.25 each month.