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Operate your workforce wherever you are located

Integration with Existing Tools

Integrate with tools you already use, such as Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and more

Easy to Manage

An intuitive
system that allows you to manage every aspect of your system


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An FTC Business Phone System for Smart, Modern Businesses

Switchvox is designed for businesses just like yours. With enterprise-grade features and an award-winning design, Switchvox isn’t just another VoIP business phone system.
Switchvox is the smarter way for your business to take advantage of Unified Communications (UC) and collaboration tools. Features like chat, video chat, quick dial, status, presence, and call rules all work together to allow your staff and clients to interact more efficiently.

FTC Virtual Connect (Hosted PBX)

Access powerful Unified Communication features like mobility, IVRs, queues, tight integration, and conferencing with Sangoma D-Series phones. All features are included with FTC Virtual Connect, and no additional licensing fees are required.

FTC Virtual Connect gives you access to an enterprise-grade phone system while completely eliminating costly CapEx. You can even add D-Series phones to your monthly bill with the Phone Rental Program to avoid expending capital in hardware purchases.

FTC Virtual Connect makes it so easy to get started with hassle-free installation and no ongoing maintenance fees.

What’s Included in FTC Virtual Connect?

General Phone System Features

  • Personalized Switchboard for every user
  • Visual voicemail
  • Mobile softphone clients for call and chat
  • Call queues
  • Desktop softphone for every user
  • Detailed reporting
  • Conference calling
  • IVR & auto-attendant

Service Features

  • Dedicated local number (DID) per seat
  • Unlimited local and long distance calling per seat
  • Sangoma Connect App
  • Unlimited seat-to-seat calling
  • HD Voice (where available)


On-premise deployments have stood the test of time, and with Switchvox deployed on-premise in your office, you can rest easy knowing that your company will have a future-proof, feature-rich system for years to come.

Hardware Appliances

Switchvox appliances feature a 1U or smaller footprint and can automatically connect to IP phones and SIP trunking services. Deploying Switchvox in an on-premise environment gives your administrator direct control over updates and any additional integration that may be needed.


Switchvox can also be deployed in a virtual environment using the power, scalability, and disaster recovery tools available with VMware or Hyper-V. Virtualization eliminates the need for a dedicated PBX server appliance and provides a phone system that is able to meet the needs of an enterprise at a fraction of the cost.
Virturalized On Premise

FTC Provides The Power To Communicate & Collaborate Where & How You Want, At The Office Or Remote

Desktop Softphone

  • Enhance your employee engagement and productivity with video conferencing integration
  • Collaborate more effectively with chat groups and rooms for team discussions
  • Initiate 3-way conferencing calling with a click of a button
  • Enjoy essentials such a presence control, visual voicemail and contacts

Desktop Softphone

  • Enhance your employee engagement and productivity with video conferencing integration
  • Collaborate more effectively with chat groups and rooms for team discussions
  • Initiate 3-way conferencing calling with a click of a button
  • Enjoy essentials such a presence control, visual voicemail and contacts

Mobile Softphone

  • Take your work extension with you, whether on the road or working remote
  • Audio and video calls using your work extension
  • 3-way conferencing
  • Call Recording
  • Chat with colleagues using the dedicated chat app

Switchvox Switchboard puts your entire communications system in a user-friendly dashboard

Call control, collaboration, contact center features, and training tools – all-in-one, user-customizable web-based interface, accessible from anywhere in the world. Users can easily access time-saving features, such as click-to-dial, call history, real-time call statistics, and more right from the Switchboard web interface with the flexibility of working from the office or remote. All you need is a workstation with Internet access to have full control and connectivity.
Switchvox provides all of these advanced features and more in every system for every user- without any additional licensing cost.

Use Switchboard’s customizable widgets to help you monitor and control real-time call performance

  • Call Manipulation
  • Real Time Visibility
  • Recording & Monitoring
  • Wallboards
  • Alerts

Powerful Reporting

Measuring your sales, support, and service call performance is vital to your bottom line and is done using reports. They can help pinpoint inefficiencies with your call routing, manage SIP trunk charges, and help understand when peak demand times are.

  • Run ad-hoc or scheduled reports easily
  • Simply choose your breakdown, report fields,
  • and date range
  • Once finalized choose HTML, XLS, or Chart format


  • DID reports to run monthly to validate your marketing spend on specific phone numbers you are using for advertising and promotions
  • Monthly reports to measure if your inbound sales calls are trending up or down
  • Report to predict how you will need to staff based on the peaks and valleys of your business
  • Report to validate if your service level agreements are being met to ensure customer satisfaction remains high




See who is in the office, on a call, or away from their desk, using the Switchboard, desktop & mobile clients, or D-Series IP phones. Call rules update automatically based on an employee’s presence.


Improve employee communication with integrated chat via the desktop softphone and mobile chat app.

Recording & Monitoring

Great for training and auditing calls. Managers can easily monitor, whisper, barge, and record calls from the Switchboard. You can also record calls directly from your D-Series phone.

Unified Messaging

With a voicemail delivered to your inbox or desktop & mobile clients, you can stay connected wherever you are.

Reporting & Call Logging

See details about all calls in your system. Custom statistical reports can be scheduled and emailed to you automatically.

Real-time Interaction

Switchboard has click-to-call, transfer, and many other features that make it easier than ever to communicate intuitively.


Collaborating over long distances has never been easier with integrated video calling, screen-sharing, and group chat built into the desktop softphone. Mobile softphone and chat apps allow employees to stay connected while on the go.


Built-in conferencing allows all of your employees to manage their own conference rooms on-demand. Use the Switchboard widget or your D80 phone to see who is in the conference call and who is speaking, with the ability to mute or dismiss participants. In addition, easily invite customers to conferences using a pin number.

Contact Center / Call Queues (Automated Call Distribution)

Not just for the contact center, FTC brings powerful call queuing functionality to even the smallest business that needs to efficiently handle inbound calls.

CRM Integration

Switchvox offers native integration with Salesforce and Zendesk®, with the ability to integrate nearly any other CRM via the Switchvox Extend API. Your sales and service organization will have customer information right at their fingertips when they receive a phone call.

Interactive Voice Response

The extensive built-in IVR allows you to provide information to callers, collect information about the customer’s needs, and transfer callers to the appropriate person or department. Multi-language options, custom Music-on-Hold for special announcements and Callback make the IVR even better.

Customer Service Features You Need

Efficiency Call Processing

Your sales and support staff are there to answer customers’ calls to help boost your business revenue and keep your customers happy at the same time. When your customers call your business, they are placed into queues which eventually connect to your staff. Processing inbound calls as quickly and efficiently as possible is key to all this, and your call queues are the engine for success.

With Switchvox Queues you can:

Choose how you want your inbound callers to reach your agents – have all agent phones ring at once, randomly, least-rang, and many more.
Create multiple priority-groups so that the caller with the highest priority and earliest arrival time of all the queues is tended to first.
Keep callers’ same wait time even when transferred between queues.
Define a set of agents ready to jump in and help for those times when it’s really busy.

Powerful Handsets Designed for Switchvox

Sangoma D-Series Phones are the only phones that are designed exclusively for Switchvox. They offer the tightest integration possible, and they incorporate plug-and-play installation with auto-provisioning, which will save you time.

All models include:

  • Full-color display screen
  • HD Voice
  • Customizable Busy Lamp Field (BLF) Keys
  • Power Over Ethernet (POE)
  • Interactive voicemail
  • Interactive, real-time status
  • Parked calls
  • Contacts
  • Transfer & conference calls
  • Record & monitor calls
  • Agent/manager queue

D62 Entry Level

D65 Mid-Level

D80 Executive Level

Line Registrations
2 6 6
Feature Keys 4 4 Touchscreen
Ramp Dial/ Busy Lamp Keys
Up to 1 Key Contact
1 Contact
Up to 5 Key Contacts
100 Contacts
Up to 20 On-Screen,
Scrolling to 100 Contacts
Ethernet LAN and PC Port
10/100/1000 Base-T
10/100/1000 Base-T
10/100/1000 Base-T
Built-in Bluetooth
No Yes Yes
Main Display
4.3-inch, Color
4.3-inch, Color
High-Definition 7.0, Color,
Capacitive Touch
Power Over Ethernet (PoE)
Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Phone Applications
Yes Yes Yes
Expansion Module
No Available No

Total Control with Switchvox On-Premise Appliances

Deploying Switchvox on-premise ensures your system administrator has direct control over the phone system, including updates and any additional integration that may be needed.
Switchvox appliances feature a 1U or smaller footprint and can automatically connect to IP phones and SIP trunking service.

Switchvox E510

Switchvox E525

Switchvox E535

Switchvox E545

150 400 700 100
Concurrent Calls
50 100 200 200
Mirrored SSD
Internal Dell Remote Access
Controller (iDRAC)
No No iDRAC8